Monday, 5 December 2011

Harlequin submission

Well, I am almost ready to submit my historical romance to Harlequin. So nervous and excited too, worked reaslly hard I just hope they like it! I know competition is fierce but it's one of those dreams to make come true...I have always harboured a desire to write for Mills & Boon, I so hope I will, and soon!

I am working on so many story's my head is choc full of strange folk all yammering for my attention, it's like, 'get in line!' I really have to focus to direct my full attention to one group of characters and in my my mind's eye I see the rest of them sulking around, looking pissed off and neglected, itching to get on with their lives. Gosh I could write a whole book about characters and the writing process from their perspective, would be funny.hmm...or am I just losing my mind?

Oh found a lovely definition of the word Vagabond - The critic Arthur Compton-Rickett (1869–1937) used the term to denote a literary type, which he characterised as "with a vagrant strain in the blood, a natural inquisitiveness about the world beyond their doors." That is so me. perfect! I love words!

Back to it!

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  1. good luck!!! i love harlequin there the ones who got me started on romance! i want to be one of the first to know