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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Keep trying, never give up!

Working hard on trying to promote Hearts and Eternal. Subbed to a few pubs, entered a few comps and written few more books.
Just not prepared to give up my dream. I will earn enough to live from my writing and I will renovate my house in Bulgaria, sit on the terrace, gaze out over the hills and write, write write!

My world is filled with confusion and characters who just refuse to go away. Thankfully the cowboys have gone. Well the first installment anyway. I have a feeling I will be meeting them again in the near future. I left Ryan and Sam happily settled in their ranch but I just know life won't stay simple for long....

The vampyres have run amok....I can't reign them in. I don't think that story is ever going to end.
Now it's back to the most pressing one, the love story. Ahh... isn't it always the hardest?

Bye for now x

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Sexy rodeo cowboys & reviews

I was just trawling the net to check my books are not on any free sharing sites when I found a review I hadn't seen before. I was realy chuffed, such a nice review.

I am almost finished my first MM COWBOY romance. It is coming along really well and I'm now something of an expert on the Rodeo, I now know all about 'spinning' How the bull will buck, twist and jump.
Cowboys follow the white line,are members of the PRCA,compete in the DNCF, the NFR....12 circuits, the names, the places, and funny little facts like in Pecatello it used to be illegal if you didn't smile!

I am loving my characters, Ryan and Sam. I am so pleased with how they have turned out. I will be sorry to say goodbye! ( good job it's only book one in my new series , of course!)

So off to bed all happy with my review for 'Her Hearts Desire which is the first and favourite of my little books.
Night night. x

Monday, 5 December 2011

Harlequin submission

Well I am almost ready to submit my historical romance to Harlequin. So nervous and excited too, worked reaslly hard I just hope they like it! I know competition is fierce but it's one of those dreams to make come true...I have always harboured a desire to write for Mills & Boon, I so hope I will, and soon!

I am working on so many story's my head is choc full of strange folk all yammering for my attention, it's like, 'get in line!' I really have to focus to direct my full attention to one group of characters and in my my mind's eye I see the rest of them sulking around, looking pissed off and neglected, itching to get on with their lives. Gosh I could write a whole book about characters and the writing process from their perspective, would be funny.hmm...or am I just losing my mind?

Oh found a lovely definition of the word Vagabond - The critic Arthur Compton-Rickett (1869–1937) used the term to denote a literary type, which he characterised as "with a vagrant strain in the blood, a natural inquisitiveness about the world beyond their doors." That is so me. perfect! I love words!

Back to it!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Excerpt from new cowboy novel..

Finally got to grips with my Rodeo story, I lost the thread for a while but thankfully I am back on track.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Writers block, HELP!

I have come to realise I just have to write for my own pleasure, as long as I am getting something out of it then I shall never stop. If I have prolonged periods where I don't write, I feel crappy. When I do I feel elated.
If only I could be more consistent, I just don't understand why I am experiencing such gaps in writing ...going to try reiki today, do a bit of unblocking. Started another novel last night, well at 2am, was wide awake and it just kept coming at me so I was desperately trying to get it down in my blackberry. Everytime I thought, right, that's it and shut my eyes, the thoughts came zooming at me. I'm quite amazed at how much a blackberry will hold in the notes folder.
Tonight I will have my pad at the ready. When I come back from the gym I will try to get it down in a doc but feel guilty because so close to finishing my other WIPS and I feel as though the characters are sulking, sitting around scuffing their heels feeling neglected, abandoned and wasted.
Oh how I wish I could finish those stories, I love them too! I think they are the best I have written so why can't I finish them? If anyone has any theories or advice I would value it!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

'The Media' has gone too far. Revolted.

I'm on my soap box today.
After spending last two days avoiding newspapers so I didn't see the disgusting photos of Gadaffi, some silly mare decided to post one on FB and it was the first thing I saw when I logged on! Arrgh!
The whole middle eastern thing has turned into a day at the colosseum, next I'll be seeing photos of Bashar Assad being ripped limb from limb by Lions in Martyr's square! The Sun can run a front page photo of his bloodied head torn from his mangled torso. Will that be grotesquely violent enough for the ghouls?
Oh here go...'
'DAVID Cameron will today urge the United Nations to take action against ...brutal regimes like the one in Syria.'
but then I read this and it makes me wonder.....that's an awful lot of people, he doesn't seem very 'hated' to me.
Power of the media plough on...let's see some heads impaled on spikes on Tower Cameron, run!